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My childhood consists of mostly two things: playing piano and playing video games. To be brief, you might have found me in the basement, playing Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy with my brother, building houses and families on The Sims, or solving mysteries as Nancy Drew with my sister. As a long time lover of video games, I know that there is something so uniquely beautiful to tell a story, or convey a feeling through this medium. 


Of the handful of games that have stuck with me, I tell myself, “it must be the story, concept, or the atmosphere,” when I wonder why I keep coming back to them. But I’ve found another aspect to be unmistakably important - the music. There is nothing quite like the seamless mergence of a stunningly crafted game and music that blooms behind to uplift its intention. I believe that the music should not be simply complimentary, but collaborative, an extension of the game’s vision, in such a way that it immediately lifts you into that world. My goal is to make music that truly listens to the needs of your game, and helps to transport the player into the world that lives beyond the screen. 

  • angelic vocal range that offers grandiose ethereal choir harmonies and/or soft background pads

  • multi-instrumentalist with access to sounds and instruments to fit endless palates   

  • a composer and lyricists who can write specifically for the storyline of your game

  • writer, producer and performer of 3 self released, critically acclaimed records

  • IMA (Independent Music Awards) 2013 “Producer of the Year” award for Winterwell (sophomore album)

  • dedicated fanbase of over 85,000+ subscribers on YouTube alone

  • Original music synced on numerous TV shows and commercials (ex: Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Degrassi, Saving Hope, Awkward, Beauty and the Beast...)

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